Friday, 30 July 2021

Amendment Demands - updated process/forms

 I published a guide to issuing amendment/discharge demands in May 2017 - you can read that article HERE.  

The PPSR has now issued a sample amendment guide themselves (available HERE) as well as a guide to its dispute process (available HERE).

They have also launched a new amendment statement form "to help simplify the strict legal process required when disputing a PPSR registration"  

The new form is a little more user friendly and can be found HERE.

In short, if one of your suppliers or financiers is maintaining a registration against you that you think is incorrect or should no longer apply to your business, you must first contact them to explain your reasoning and to request that they remove (or amend) their registration.  In many cases a relatively friendly approach by phone or email will be sufficiently effective, however, if that fails to achieve the desired result, a formal amendment request should be sent - as per the example in the PPSR's sample amendment guide.

You should then give your supplier/financier 5 business days to respond.  Failing receipt of a satisfactory response within that timescale, you can use the PPSR's new Amendment Statement form to formally request the removal or amendment of the contentious registration.

The PPSR's tips for the process can be downloaded from HERE.

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